The essence  of our team, which has a strong background by applying microsystem engineering to biological research, can be decribed best by “We find a suitable solution and make it happen.”

Dr. Nils Goedecke is managing director at MicroDuits. He is a biophysicist by training and works in microfluidics for biological applications since 1996. After finishing his biophysics degree at Humboldt University Berlin he did his PhD in analytical chemistry at Imperial College London under supervision of Prof. A. Manz focussing on chip-based separation methods. Early 2003, after finishing his degree, he followed an invitation to work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he joined the bioengineering group of Prof. P. Matsudaira. There he worked with Dan Ehrlich’s team developing a microfluidic chip-based instrument for forensic DNA finger printing. End 2005 he returned to Europe joining the group of Prof. A. Hierlemann at ETH Zurich. There he developed instrumentation for microfluidics for single-cell analysis for systems biology.

Ralf Streichan is the technical director at MicroDuits. He graduated as a microsystem technology engineer from University of Applied Science Berlin in 2007. He joined the group of Prof. A. Hierlemann at ETH Zurich in 2007 working with Dr. Nils Goedecke together on microfluidics for single-cell analysis. Ralf Streichan’s expertise lies in micro fabrication, instrumentation and rapid prototyping. Due to the many years of clean room experience, he is particularly proficient in fabrication process optimisation as well as material characterisation. Furthermore, he is an expert in electrical and mechanical sensor array manufacturing and also an creative developer of innovative devices for biological applications.