Tiny Forces - Huge Impact

Mission Enable researchers around the world to perform mechanobiological tests. This allows them to tap into the vast knowledge inherent to cell mechanics and use it to better understand medical conditions such as cancer metastasis or the development of hypertension.

Philosophy The knowledge about the role of cell mechanics is particularly important since a cell’s mechanics and its gen-expression is directly linked by the cytoskeleton - literally. In order to investigate such complex processes on cellular level sophisticated and robust cell-based assays are needed for testing. We at MicroDuits strive to deliver top-notch quality cell culture devices to meet these needs from our customers. We do this by manufacturing cell culture devices with precise mechanical properties, which Swiss products are known for world-wide.  Furthermore, we support our customers’ efforts to improve the knowledge about cell mechanics by co-developing new mechanosensitive cell-based assays. 

We regret to inform you that MicroDuits is suspended since March 2018. The team can still be reached under: info[at]microduits.com